Welcome to Parenting with Connection

An accepting and non-judgmental space to explore the challenges of parenting in exceptional circumstances 
Through parenting support groups and individual therapy, we work together to envision ways of being in a supported and meaningful relationship with your child. 
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Parenting through Difficulty

You started your parenting journey with an image of what being a parent would look like. You imagined a bright future for your child; the accomplishments, celebrations, and expected developmental milestones - optimistic that you would successfully and gracefully manage whatever difficulties came your way.

And, sometimes, the reality does not match the ideal.


When you experience this reality gap, it's normal to feel lost, isolated, and unsure of where to turn for help or whom to share your experience with. The impact of the daily struggles can take a toll on your own mental health.


In these circumstances, it is common to feel:

  • grief

  • frustration

  • overwhelmed

  • anxious

  • worn out

  • alone


You need a safe place to share, connect and unburden. You want to feel that your own baggage is not getting in the way of developing a close relationship with your child. 


With new skills, a new perspective, and a community, your desire to feel connected to your child, competent, and supported can be your new reality.

Learn more about our parent support groups here.

Image by John-Mark Smith

Our Philosophy

"Children learn more from what you are than what you teach" -W.E.B. Dubois

Being present and attuned to your child just as they are is deeply powerful and often hard to do. We acknowledge that there is no single right answer; each individual is complex and each situation is unique. Parenting is a process and a series of responses to moments that either bring us closer to our child or create separation.


We don’t always respond to challenges the way we’d like to and sometimes our parenting behaviours can be repetitions of our own experiences as children. Part of our role as parents is to help our children learn to regulate their feelings and behaviours by modelling our own self-regulation. Being able to develop compassion and acceptance for ourselves can help us break the shame cycle and find compassion and understanding of our child’s experience.


To build the patience, creativity and perseverance required to face complex parenting challenges, we need time to reflect, process our experience and consider alternative responses. We need safe spaces to share our worries and to work through the places that we get stuck.